The first full length novel by 

Jayne Hecate

Leticia: Sunset Hunter

Leticia is a modern day Vampire novel, set in the underground world of Killers for Hire, where being a Vampire just makes the job even easier. Leticia is over four hundred years old and comes from a family of Vampires. She has dined at the court of Napoleon, danced with the great composers and spent much of the sixties doing things that most of us can only dream of. 
Unaware that she has been discovered by a corrupt Politician, who is determined to take her life extending power from her, she sets out on a journey into the darker parts of UK society and visits some of the more beautiful parts too

Available in both paperback and e-Book format

The First Compendium

The First Compendium is the first collective work released by the Totally Awesome Mega Cool Writers Group and can be purchased from Amazon in both Paperback and e-Book formats. 

There is a real range of stories here that are as diverse as the authors who wrote them, ranging from social commentary, fascist regimes, the end of the world and ending with a filthy fairy story the likes of which you have never read before.  
The House of Hurt and Other Stories

This was my first anthology of short stories and was released in 2012 on the Amazon Kindle format only. It is still currently available, but as with all artists, I am now rather critical of it and no longer consider it to be my best work. I still want you to buy it though because I want your cold hard cash to spend on sweets and hookers!

My Last short story  E-Book is available now

The Thinking Tree was the last collection of short stories that I released through Amazon Kindle, a form of self publishing that allows new authors to feel the heady glow of rejection and disappointment. 

Self publishing is hard work, particularly if you do not have an editor to do the hard work for you. Trust me, after reading the same passage of text six times or more, it becomes impossible to find obvious mistakes. 

So, with that being said, here is another self release by Jayne Hecate, warts and all. This has a mixture of stories, some light and comic while others tread more in the bleak and the dark. 

Pick it up now for those moments when you are stuck waiting for a train for hours and the platform seems deserted of all but the unfortunate mentally ill man, who stands at the far end of the platform, screaming and crying while clutching a large blood stained felling axe. 

Buy it here now

The Club

You can buy this strange book on Kindle and then try to muddle though it with the confused mind of a five year old! Described by one reviewer as 

"This is quite possibly one of the dumbest books I have ever read."

What better praise is there?

Buy now on Kindle and join the confused masses.

Click here for the Amazon Page.


Adventures and crazy fun things.

I love to go on adventures, be they small trips out on my push bike or long journeys with my partner on our Motorbikes. What ever the adventure I embark upon, I like to write about it on the blog I share with my partner.  

Read our Blog here, you can also leave comments or rate the content. 

Being an Ordained Minister

It is very much true, I am an ordained Minister with a fantastic Organisation that treats the Credentials of Ministry with the seriousness which they deserve.  So if you have the calling to be a Minister, no matter what faith you may or may not have, you too can now follow that calling. 

Join the Universal Life Church here

Tutoro Chain Oilers

I use Tutoro Chain Oilers on my motorbikes because  they make the best and yet also the most simple devices to help keep your bike running sweet. The Tutoro Chain Oiler is simply a brilliant product that is worth every penny. 

Give them a look here and tell them that Jayney sent you.

Ahhh, Lego...

The joyous sound of children fighting over small parts, the thud of plastic bricks bounced off of the heads of crying pre-teens and the anguished squeal as a small plastic brick painfully interacts with the foot of an unsuspecting adult. 

Lego is a brilliant educational tool and as such I have been using it to develop ideas in Lego technic. Forget what you have seen in the Lego Movie, this is how you build with Lego Bricks. Check out the films that my beloved wife has made over the years, films of my MOCs and bought sets. Some of them are quite good fun. 

Brickermouth, a shithole town on the fringes of good taste.

Combining my love of writing with my hobby of Lego building, I thought why not write some short stories that I can illustrate with photographs of my creations. This sounds lovely doesn't it? So, you can imagine the shock and horror that it was met with when I used this format to critique modern society, make rude comments about modern politics and poke fun at modern social media. Undaunted by self awareness or by the occasionally crass jokes displayed, Brickermouth was a project that I have since put to bed. I have not stopped it as such, just merely put it on the back burner until I can find some new inspiration that is not firing cheap shots at racist groups, self interested Governments or mass market capitalism. 

You can read it below or you can go directly to the blog itself by clicking here...


New Motorbike?

Brickermouth finally has its own motorcycle dealership, a glass and concrete monstrosity packed full of expensive toys for maniacs and lunatics.

It has the usual displays designed to extract money from the idiots who shop there, shiny new bikes, the latest in helmet design with vast improvements in colour! It has it all.

The newest super bikes have huge engines, that pump out brake horse power in the hundreds. Speeds of over 200MPH are now possible in machines available for less money than an average family car costs. There are powerful motocross bikes that will easily make jumps that are bigger than stunt men once did at terrible risk to life and limb. If two wheels are not suitable, there are also the latest quad bikes available, these are no longer the utilitarian farmers vehicles, but are powerful off road speed machines.

After browsing the shelves and displays, the punters are directed to the top floor cafe and toilets. After all, the owners of the shop can extract even more money from shoppers if they are made comfortable and given no reason to leave the store. It is common knowledge that ALL bikers enjoy a slice of cake and a big mug of tea while out on a ride!

With an onsite pizza oven and plenty of fresh Italian super strong coffee, what else could a tired rider want?

Of course, once a new bike has been purchased, more money needs to be extracted from the bikers. To this end the shop has a huge and well equipped workshop, where all of the jobs are done. Ranging from a basic tyre change up to a full engine rebuild, the workshop staff have seen it all before. After three years in college and hundreds of dollars spent on tools, the mechanics work the hardest, but are still paid less than the sales team!

The dealership in Brickermouth is doing well and they are looking to start franchises in your town too. If you think that your town could do with a dealership, why not show your support for the developers? You can do that here. Lego Ideas Motorcycle Dealership.

Posted 53 weeks ago

Noisy neighbours

Harold Merrick had noisy neighbours and it drove him mad, every time they started.


Low quality close confinement housing, also known as Tower blocks, were a great idea back in the nineteen sixties, but people are not good at living in stacks, especially when the walls and the floors are so thin, that everyone can hear everyone else from the other flats.

Caitlyn lives in the flat below Harold, she is nineteen years old, has a boyfriend who plays drums in her band and is fed up with the constant noise of Harold snoring and even masturdating at night.


The Tower blocks are infested with rats in the lower levels, corrosion in the main support members mean that the concrete is cracking and will eventually fail, but there is not enough money left in the budget to rehome everyone. Complaints about the noise are a daily occurrence in the council offices and they are largely ignored.

During band practice, Harold beats on the floor with a broom. At night he watches pornography in his bedroom, but due to his hearing problem, he has the volume turned up very loud.


The answer to this problem is simple, but there is no money to improve the local housing on yet another run down estate. After all, no one in Government really cares about poor people, especially those in Brickermouth.

Posted 58 weeks ago

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